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The beast has run out: Ridley Scott teases end of the Alien franchise.
I figured it was a good piece of business to follow through Prometheus, which, from ground zero, had good lift-off, Scott told the Hollywood Reporter. So we went to Covenant to perpetuate the idea and revive the franchise of the Alien.
Alien: Covenant sequel to focus on Artificial Intelligence over aliens, says Ridley Scott The Independent.
The shift in focus is set to be carried into the future of the series, as director Ridley Scott has revealed the upcoming sequel will focus more on AI than the aliens. Chatting about current progress on Alien: Awakening for the Empire Film Podcast, Scott explained why xenomorphs are taking a back seat.
Ridley Scott Movies Ranked, From Alien to Gladiator Collider.
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Alien 1979 IMDb.
Everyone who loves this movie knows what I'm' talking about. Ridley Scott had to be extremely careful not to show a full shot of the Alien, except in very brief scenes, and not to reveal exactly how it moves, because then we would see that it is just some tall, skinny guy in a rubber suit.
Ridley Scott Says the Next ALIEN Movie Might Not Have Aliens Nerdist.
But in a recent interview with Empire Magazines podcast Scott revealed that if he gets the chance to continue his Alien franchise the film might not actually be focused on the titular creatures at all! In the interview Scott elaborated on his vision for the franchise after Alien: Covenant.
Ridley Scott teases future of Alien franchise after Covenant Down. Down. Down.
But the Alien franchise the 1979 film that put the legendary director on the map is never that far from his mind. We are going to make another, we are, Scott told EW from the set of All the Money in the World.
Ridley Scott Seems to Think the Alien Franchise Doesn't' Need an Alien Anymore.
Though Ridley Scotts last two Alien movies have been incredibly divisive, they at least have had one thing in common: the alien. However, in a new interview, Scott suggests that after Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, the iconic creature may have overstayed its welcome.
Alien film Wikipedia.
24 52 Scott had wanted the Alien to bite off Ripley's' head and then make the final log entry in her voice, but the producers vetoed this idea as they believed the Alien should die at the end of the film.
Alien: Ridley Scott says that the beast has almost run out Den of Geek.
The slightly stuttering box office for Alien: Covenant has left the future of the series for which Scott had teased at least two more films somewhat in limbo, And in a new round table interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Scott who has been a very busy producer as well as director has suggested that its nearly time up for the alien.

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