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114 115 Dan O'Bannon, who wrote the film's' screenplay, has argued that the scene is a metaphor for the male fear of penetration, and that the oral" invasion" of Kane by the facehugger functions as payback" for the many horror films in which sexually vulnerable women are attacked by male monsters. 116 McIntee claims that" Alien is a rape movie as much as Straw Dogs 1971 or I Spit on Your Grave 1978, or The Accused 1988.
Alien: the 1978 Scripts Strange Shapes.
Alien s script, much like the creature itself, was an ever-evolving beast. That Dan OBannons original screenplay was rewritten by Walter Hill and David Giler is pub trivia; but what shapes the script took between its first incarnation in 1976 and the final draft of the film issued December 1978 is something of a mystery.
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I read both and it is clear that it is Hill/Giller's' rewrite that ended up on the screen. Somehow, he won the dispute with the writer's' guild and the screenplay for Alien is credited to him! But I highly suggest that fans of this film read the original screenplay from O'Bannon.
Alien script by Dan O'Bannon' Ronald Shusett.
BROUSSARD excited Forget the credit; what we have here is a chance to be the first men to contact a nonhuman intelligence. ROBY If there is some kind of alien intelligence down on that planetoid, it'd' be a serious mistake for us to blunder in unequipped.
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