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Antarctic UFO mystery deepens after researchers find tanks guarding alien crash site Science News
Subscribe to our rss feed. Antarctic UFO mystery deepens after researchers find tanks guarding alien crash site. Antarctic UFO mystery deepens after researchers find tanks guarding alien crash site. ALIEN conspiracy theorists claim to have found evidence of military vehicles guarding" a mysterious UFO crash site discovered in the Antarctic.
Sovereign Sect Alien Workshop Sovereign Sect Alien Workshop.
Second and third! alien crash site found updated Alpha Orbital.
alien crash site found updated. It looks like roaming around planet surfaces massively payed off for commander Denneb, who discovered a new alien crash site just recently. The new location can be found in HIP 17862 6 C A at coordinates 30.3398, 98.5876.
ALIEN NEWS: Is this site a top secret US military base where scores of aliens are hidden? Weird News
Is this the site of the top secret US military base where scores of aliens are hidden? SCORES of alien visitors to Earth are hidden away in a top-secret US military base, according to a staggering theory. By Jon Austin Jon Austin.
Roswell UFO incident Wikipedia.
citation needed The Barnett accounts were mentioned, though the dates and locations were changed from the accounts found in The Roswell Incident. In the new account, Brazel was described as leading the Army to a second crash site on the ranch, at which point the Army personnel were supposedly horrified" to find civilians including Barnett there already" 31. Glenn Dennis was produced as a supposedly important witness in 1989, after calling the hotline when an episode of Unsolved Mysteries featured the Roswell incident. His descriptions of Roswell alien autopsies were the first account that said there were alien corpses at the Roswell Army Air Base.
Please Share This Site. If you wish to use the videos, photos, text of this site, you can as long as you include our site name and URL into your post, video, or news article. Waring, UFO Sightings Daily. All Time Most Popular Posts. Alien Woman On Mars Watching Rover From Hill, July 2015, UFO Sighting News.
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On 4/26/17, as a special nod to planet LV-426, Alien Day returned for the second annual fan celebration of the iconic ALIEN film franchise. Fan-focused festivities, based in Los Angeles and London, included worldwide screenings of the original ALIEN film, all-new product launches, interactive trivia challenges, a fan art contest and the launch of the all-new official fan site Alien Universe.
Alien Crash Site Elite Dangerous Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia.
2 On August 30, 3302, after Kohl's' request for 6 million tons of narcotics was fulfilled and he offered his next clue, CMDRs Noctrach and Ihazevich located the correct planet that the clue hinted at and subsequently discovered the Alien Crash Site in a canyon there.
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Known as Stonehenge, the Neolithic monument inspired Swiss author Erich von Däniken to suggest it was a model of the solar system that also functioned as an alien landing padafter all, how else could those massive stones have ended up hundreds of miles from their home quarry? No one knows what, exactly, the meaning of Stonehenge is, but, as with all the other sites in this collection, the explanation is not aliens. Instead, scientists have demonstrated its actually possible to build such a thing using technologies that would have been around 5000, years ago, when the earliest structures at the site were built.

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