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If, however, you've' not been exposed to these sorts of movies, then Alien" Abduction" is certainly worth your time. The film is set around Brown Mountain in North Carolinaa place where many actual reports of glowing lights have been reported by many.
Some scientific explanations for alien abduction that aren't' so out of this world.
Its for these reasons that its believed alien abduction experiences may arise from a combination of personality characteristics and susceptibility to false memories. Studies suggest that neuropsychological theories, particularly sleep paralysis and temporal lobe sensitivity, also could explain claims of alien abduction.
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Alien Abduction.
The phenomenon is experienced by millions of people, even larger numbers than polls conducted asking about alien abduction experiences. Aspects of the experience reported by those who have had a sleep paralysis experience overlap considerably with those of alien abduction, including Cox.:
9 Creepy Things People Have Said After Allegedly Being Abducted By Aliens.
There are other explanations for losing time like this, of course like, for example, a dissociative fugue state and, indeed, as u/Pun-Chi notes, theyve mostly just joked about this experience having been an alleged alien abduction but even so, this story is still unsettling.
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Alien Abduction or Accidental Awareness? Scientific American.
Their story includes nude medical exams and invasive probingan alien abduction scenario many of us recognize from the TV shows and movies of the past 50 years. But in 2008 a Columbia University psychoanalyst published Alien Abduction: A Medical Hypothesis which suggested that what is known as accidental awareness under general anesthesiain which a patient awakens on the table during surgerymight lie behind stories of alien abduction.
NOVA Online/Kidnapped by UFOs/John Mack.
NOVA: I wonder, if in that vein, you can speak to what you think this experience is about? MACK: There are several effects that these experiences have for those who undergo alien abduction encounters. First is the most familiar aspect or fit, which is a traumatic event in which a blue light or some kind of energy paralyzes the person, whether they're' in their home or they're' driving a car.

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