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Alien definition of alien by The Free Dictionary.
Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. Alien and Sedition Laws. Alien and Sedition Laws. Alien Ant Farm. Alien autopsy film. Alien Bounty Hunter. Alien Contact Intelligence Organisation. Open / Close. More from Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Translations.
LeetCode Alien Dictionary jcliBlogger.
There is a new alien language which uses the latin alphabet. However, the order among letters are unknown to you. You receive a list of words from the dictionary, wherewords are sorted lexicographically by the rules of this new language.
Alien definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Both women had hired illegal aliens for child care. When war broke out, he was interned as an enemy alien. Synonyms: foreigner, incomer, immigrant, stranger More Synonyms of alien. In science fiction, an alien is a creature from outer space. More Synonyms of alien. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.
alien Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a person who lives in a foreign country of which they are not a citizen.: adjective before noun. They are recommending that long-term alien workers should be granted citizenship. Definition of alien from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press.
alien Definition of alien in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
The little alien waddled past Eric and down the alley. A lot of people believe they've' been abducted by aliens in space ships and taken away and then brought back. When the flying saucer craze began in 1947, aliens were described as little green men. How will we explain this to the aliens when they land their spaceship here? Under no circumstances make spaceships, dinosaurs, aliens, monsters or fantasy art characters. In the child's' imagination, fuelled by science-fiction, the aliens are about to land. Middle English: via Old French from Latin alienus belonging to another, from alius other. Word of the Day. Find out what it means. Word of the Year 2017 is. The year in review: 2017s most-viewed dictionary entry pages.
Alien Definition of Alien by Merriam-Webster.
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Alien Define Alien at
They were quiet for a while, and then Marsh turned to Henry and said, Is" that alien to you." At Rumpell's' and at Boveyhayne he had had no sensation of alien origin. His sense of being an alien in Dublin had persisted all the time that he had lived there. British Dictionary definitions for alien Expand.
alien Dictionary Definition:
Besides people, experiences can be alien. If you've' never owned a cat, then having a cat is alien to you. You can also alienate people by making them feel weird, disconnected, and alone: like an alien. Primary Meanings of alien.

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