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About to watch Alien" for the first time! Director's' Cut or Theatrical?: movies.
You have to understand that Directors" Cuts" are a relatively new concept in film. Directors Cuts didn't' really exist when Alien came out in the late 70s. There were a few in the 1980s as home-video started to gain traction, but the notion of a Directors" Cut" wasn't' really widespread until the 1990s with the critical success of Blade Runner's' directors cut in 1991.
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Each film was also released separately as a DVD with both versions of the film included. Scott noted that he was very pleased with the original theatrical cut of Alien, saying that For" all intents and purposes, I felt that the original cut of Alien was perfect.
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Other changes in the Director's' Cut: As in the Theatrical Version, Brett stops in the the landing strut chamber to wet his face during the sequence where he is searching for Jones the cat. In the Directors Cut, we see a shot looking up at the landing strut with the Alien rather unexpectedly in the foreground, head bowed, swaying from side to side.
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Alien, de achtste passagier See more. Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, Surrey, England, UK See more. Edit Box Office. Opening Weekend USA.: 3527881, 25 May 1979, Limited Release. Cumulative Worldwide Gross.: See more on IMDbPro Company Credits. Brandywine Productions, Twentieth Century-Fox Productions See more. Show more on IMDbPro. 117 min 116 min 2004 Director's' Cut.
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When Scott was finished, he thought it was too long and that the added material threw the pacing off. Therefore, he cut his own Director's' Cut. November 6, 2003 Rating: 9/10 Full Review. View All Critic Reviews 49. Audience Reviews for Alien: The Director's' Cut.
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Its more of an alternate cut than a directors cut of Ridley Scotts iconic Alien. It actually runs a few seconds shorter than the original theatrical cut of the film, although it contains more than five minutes of different footage.
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Alien: The Director's' Cut, review. Ridley Scott's' Alien, starring Sigourney Weaver and John Hurt, is a masterful suspense thriller set in space. 5 Alien was directed by Ridley Scott Photo: Rex Features. By Martin Chilton, Culture Editor online. 400PM: GMT 27 Nov 2014.
Alien Comparison: Director's' Cut Theatrical Cut
There is a seperate report for the other way around. The uncensored Director's' Cut is approximitely 47 seconds shorter than the Theatrical Version, although the altered scenes in the Director's' Cut add up to 321 seconds. The Theatrical Version is longer than the Director's' Cut. Back in the year 1979 Alien was something unique and had the reputation of being a Space-Opera.
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Scott has stated that he was very pleased with the original theatrical cut of Alien, saying that, For" all intents and purposes, I felt that the original cut of Alien was perfect. I still feel that way, and that the original 1979 theatrical version remains" my version of choice.

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