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What is ALIEN, N? definition of ALIEN, N Black's' Law Dictionary.
Admin Law Keyed to Rogers Krotoszynski, Criminal Procedure, Constitution of The United States of America, Family Law, Criminal Law Emanuel, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Law Cherminisky, Constitutional Law Chemerinsky, Secured Transactions, Criminal Law Keyed to Dressler. Link to This Definition. Did you find this definition of ALIEN, N helpful?
alien Origin and meaning of alien by Online Etymology Dictionary.
1300, strange, foreign, from Old French alien strange, foreign" as a noun, an" alien, stranger, foreigner, from Latin alienus of" or belonging to another, not one's' own, foreign, strange, also, as a noun, a" stranger, foreigner, adjective from alius adv. another, other, different, from PIE root al 1 beyond." Meaning residing" in a country not of one's' birth" is from mid-15c.
What does ALIEN mean?
Freebase 4.00 / 1 vote Rate this definition.: The Alien film franchise is a science fiction horror film series consisting of four installments, focusing on Lieutenant Ellen Ripley and her battles with an extraterrestrial lifeform, commonly referred to as the Alien.
Alien definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Times, Sunday Times 2013 In the distant future, humanity has reached the stars and hangs out with alien races. Times, Sunday Times 2012 Equally, a night spent tugging at dress straps or getting used to alien hem lengths is neither enjoyable nor chic.
Meaning of alien" English Language Usage Stack Exchange.
The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Meaning of alien. What is the scope of the word alien? If NASA sends a pregnant woman into space and she gives birth to a baby there, is the baby an alien?
What is the Alien Act of 1798? Definition Overview Video Lesson Transcript Study.com.
The legacy of the Alien Act specifically had an impact that lasted into the 20th century. During World War II, the Alien Act was used to justify the internment of Japanese Americans throughout the western United States as they were believed to be dangerous and a threat to national security.
100 Alien Names That Are Out Of This World Thought Catalog.
Add any alien names you know of in the comments! Add any alien names you know of in the comments! Image Credit: alien names. 100 Alien Names That Are Out Of This World is cataloged in Alien Names, Aliens, Names.
Alien definition of alien by The Free Dictionary.
extraterrestrial, visitor, ET, little green man informal His sister was abducted by aliens. alien to unfamiliar to, opposed to, contrary to, separated from, conflicting with, incompatible with, inappropriate to, repugnant to, adverse to Such an attitude is alien to most businessmen.
Alien Emoji Copy Paste, Meaning, Fun Facts.
In Face Fantasy, Smileys People. Alien emoji is the picture of a friendly-looking head, which obviously belongs to an extraterrestrial creature. It features characteristic shape and huge black eyes, which form the alien look, normally seen in classic sci-fi movies, cartoons, and comics.

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