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For purposes of the Immigration and Nationality Act INA, any person who is not a citizen or a national of the United States. There are different categories of aliens: resident and nonresident, immigrant and nonimmigrant, asylee and refugee, documented and undocumented illegal. According to the Immigration and Nationality Act INA, an alien is an individual who does not have U.S.
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Add any alien names you know of in the comments! Add any alien names you know of in the comments! Image Credit: alien names. 100 Alien Names That Are Out Of This World is cataloged in Alien Names, Aliens, Names.
alien meaning of alien in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English LDOCE.
English English Japanese English Korean English Spanish Japanese English Spanish English. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Related topics: Space. alien alien 1 / elin / adjective 1 DIFFERENT very different from what you are used to, especially in a way that is difficult to understand or accept SYN strange the alien environment of the city be alien to somebody a way of life that is totally alien to us 2 FOREIGN belonging to another country or race SYN foreign alien cultures an alien multiracial society 3 only before noun TTS relating to creatures from another world alien beings from another planet. Examples from the Corpus. alien By this time, I should not feel alien. It is the people of this world who are alien. To the rest of Britain, such behavior is not only alien, but alienating. An alien object was threatening the organism. Entire groups were driven from their homes to alien regions. an alien spaceship A parliament possessing real power is alien to the country's' every tradition. His decision to send her away from her home and brother into an alien world was interpreted as rejection.
Alien Emoji Copy Paste, Meaning, Fun Facts.
In Face Fantasy, Smileys People. Alien emoji is the picture of a friendly-looking head, which obviously belongs to an extraterrestrial creature. It features characteristic shape and huge black eyes, which form the alien look, normally seen in classic sci-fi movies, cartoons, and comics.
Alien definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Such an attitude is alien to many businesspeople. An alien is someone who is not a legal citizen of the country in which they live. Both women had hired illegal aliens for child care. When war broke out, he was interned as an enemy alien. Synonyms: foreigner, incomer, immigrant, stranger More Synonyms of alien. In science fiction, an alien is a creature from outer space. More Synonyms of alien. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.
Alien Law and Legal Definition USLegal, Inc.
Alien Law and Legal Definition. An alien is a person who is not a citizen of the country in which they live. A resident alien is a person who has been allowed to permanently reside in the country by immigration authorities but has not been granted citizenship.
Resident Alien.
For example, Cristela Alonzo, an actress, comedian and a contributor to Time Magazine, had a mother and brother who were both granted resident alien status. Her mother, a single parent, immigrated from Mexico with her eldest son and tried for years to obtain resident alien status.
What does ALIEN mean?
What does ALIEN mean? Definitions for ALIEN. el yn, e li n ALIEN. Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word ALIEN. Princeton's' WordNet 4.00 / 2 votes Rate this definition.: foreigner, alien, noncitizen, outlander noun. a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country. stranger, alien, unknown noun. anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found. extraterrestrial being, extraterrestrial, alien adj. a form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere. alien, foreign adj. not contained in or deriving from the essential nature of something. an" economic theory alien to the spirit of capitalism" the" mysticism so foreign to the French mind and temper" jealousy" is foreign to her nature."
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Home British World English alien. Definition of alien in English.: 1 Belonging to a foreign country. an alien culture. More example sentences. So it's' not just the children of today who are being wooed and won by alien thinking and cultures, but many of our adults are hopelessly lost. Reformation and reconstruction of an alien culture are a daunting task. Would it matter if they were from poverty-stricken foreign lands, steeped in other religions and alien cultures? As cultists, this group also think their god wants them garbed in the clobber of another age and an alien culture. This is blundering on foreign soil in an alien culture which they fail to grasp and arrogantly underestimate and they will ultimately pay the price of their ignorance. The presentation brought alive the history, art and music of Russia, stimulating interest in alien culture. But if anyone in Selby is genuinely concerned about being overwhelmed by alien cultures no one was saying so yesterday.

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